Why Choose a Customizable Shower

Showers are one of the most popular bathroom remodeling options, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they create a spa-like feel in any bathroom, they’re also extremely convenient. After all, it’s a lot easier to hop in the shower in the morning than it is to draw a bath!The trouble is, getting&nb...

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Increase the Value of Your Home with a Bathroom Remodel

Are you planning to sell your home in the coming months and want to ensure you get top dollar for your house? If so, one easy want to instantly increase your home’s value is by remodeling your bathrooms. Nothing turns off a potential buyer quicker than walking into an outdated bath that they know th...

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Maintain Your Privacy and Sanity with a Full Guest Bath

Getting ready in the morning can be a challenge without have guests. Sharing your one functioning shower or tub with all of your family members gets hectic and can cause stress. Now imagine sharing your one tub or shower with guests. You have to wait and take turns. The more people you have figh...

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Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Bath or Shower

Whether you’re remodeling your home or simply doing repairs, the bathroom should be a top priority. Don’t forget about your bath or shower! Even if you don’t need immediate repairs, replacing a shower will increase your home’s value. If your bath or shower is old and unsightly, getting a replacement...

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Tiger Bath Solutions Reviews

Andrew came in this morning and was very knowledgeable and efficient in his sales call we signed on the dotted line and cant wait for our install thanks for being so professional