Convert Your Bath Fixture to Better Fit Your Needs
Whether you would like a bath where your shower is, or need to better optimize your shower area, we can get the job done!
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Bathroom Conversion

Do you want to create a new look for your existing bathroom? Tiger Bath Solutions offers efficient, transformations that will turn your bathroom into a more stylish, functional space. Whether you need cracks and scratches repaired or a full-service bathroom conversion in Chicago, our professional remodeling staff is up to the task. When you are looking to get a brand-new bathroom in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional remodeling, Tiger Bath Solutions has the service you’ve been looking for.

Convert Your Bath or Shower

With our expert service, you don’t have to stress about the costs of converting your bathroom into a space that your whole family can enjoy. Tiger Bath Solutions provides convenient, affordable renovations to suit the needs of any busy family .We offer a variety of custom options and styles with every bathroom conversion in Chicago, and our services include:

  • Bath Conversions – Bathtubs can be dangerous or simply inconvenient, and we can help you replace yours with a large, spacious shower.
  • Shower Conversions – Don’t have a bathtub in your home? Add this stylish, functional amenity with a fast and affordable shower conversion.

There are countless reasons why homeowners throughout the Greater Chicagoland region choose bath conversions from Tiger Bath Solutions, and the benefits from our innovative services are countless. All of our products are built with top-quality, durable acrylic that is both stylish and low-maintenance—giving you a functional bathroom that adds exceptional value to your home. Whether you want a new tub or a spa-like shower system, you can choose from our vast selection of customizable colors, styles, and accessories to bring your bath vision to life.

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Don’t put your bathroom renovation off for another day! For an affordable, fast bathroom conversion, Chicago homeowners look to the skills and expertise of Tiger Bath Solutions. Give us a call today to get started, or simply fill out our online form now to request your free, in-home estimate!

Bath and Showers starting at $99/mo

Chicago Bathroom Remodeling

From bathtub conversions to shower repair, we offer a variety of one day bathroom renovation services to better suit your lifestyle.

Custom Designs

A fresh, clean look for your shower can transform the appearance of your entire home.

Certified Installers

Our professionals can also perform shower to tub conversions and bathtub to shower conversions to fit your lifestyle.

One Day Remodels

We understand that not every household has the time for a full-scale bath remodel.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our long lasting, low-maintenance showers and bathtubs are perfect for any household.