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Arlington Heights Bathroom Remodeling

Take the quality of your bathroom to the next level with the modern design and superior craftsmanship of bathroom remodeling services from Comfort Shower and Bath. We are proud to help customers in the local area achieve their visions of a sleek, elegant space. Thanks to more than 20 years of industry experience, our team has the resources to provide exceptional results for your Arlington Heights bathroom remodeling projects, including:

  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Bath Replacements
  • Bath Conversion
  • Walk-In Bath

Customized Bathroom Remodeling Services

When you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, naturally you'll want to pick the style that best fits your personality and home décor. For those who love a minimalist feel and modern look, our selection of design options is ideal. We provide a range of wall and fixtures styles to choose from that make it easy to find a look you love.

Efficient Arlington Heights Bath Replacement

Refresh an old, worn out bath with our Arlington Heights bath replacement services. Comfort Shower and Bath provides homeowners with stunning fixtures made from durable multi-layer acrylic material, and wall enclosures constructed from durable composite materials. Your new bath will look stunning in addition to being strong and reliable.

Family Friendly Bath Conversions

When you have small children, you may have an easier time getting them cleaned up in a bath rather than the shower. If this is the case, or if you have an unused shower that you want to replace with a bath, you can get a fast and efficient bath conversion from the experts at Comfort Shower and Bath. Our team will install a custom-measured and fabricated bath or shower in place of your old fixture. When completed, usually within a single day, your new bath will have the timeless and unmistakably high style only available with remodels from Comfort Shower & Bath.

Walk-In Bath Preserve Quality of Life

Those facing mobility challenges may not be able to safely or easily use the traditional shower/bath combo anymore without assistance. This can lead to an erosion of confidence and overall lesser quality of life and comfort. Remain independent in your home with a walk-in bath installation by Comfort Shower and Bath. We have a range of attractive, comfortable walk-in baths with many extra features, such as whirlpool jets and heated surfaces, that homeowners love!

Request More Information About Bath Remodeling In Arlington Heights!

You deserve a bathroom remodel designed with only the best, so why not turn to the trusted and professional team of Comfort Shower and Bath. Your new Arlington Heights shower replacement, bath, and other fixtures will provide you with decades of satisfaction and performance, not to mention everyday enjoyment! If you are interested in learning more, give us a phone call to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation. If you want to get started with a FREE price estimate, fill out our convenient online quote form today.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Solutions in Chicago

Whether you’re looking to swap your old bath or shower for a newer model, or you’d like something specifically designed to soothe aching muscles and pressure points.

Manufacturer-Trained Installers

Manufacturer-Trained Installers

Our crewmembers share over two decades of industry experience, and each technician is meticulously trained to install and service our quality products.

One-Year Limited Warranty

One-Year Limited Warranty

Experience complete peace of mind with virtually any purchase; our fixtures and accessories are protected with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty!

Fully Personalized Bath Designs

Fully Personalized Bath Designs

No matter what you’re looking to add, we’ll take measurements of your current space to ensure it can accommodate your remodeling ambitions.

One-Day Remodeling

One-Day Remodeling

Save time and money while minimizing room downtime for your home’s most integral area. The Comfort team can install your ideal fixture and reinvigorate your space in as little as one day!