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5 Benefits To Having a Master Bath in Your Home

House hunting…it can be overwhelming especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. An important room to consider is the bathroom. A lot of time is spent in the bathroom from getting ready in the morning to getting ready for bed at night. You might be trying to save money by looking at h...

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A Tub Transformation in One Day or Less!

Reap the Benefits of Baths Taking a long, hot bath is a great way to relax and relieve stress—not to mention being great for small children and pets to get clean, too! A good soak can also help loosen muscles, reduce tension and soothe pain. But what if the tub you’re in is less than a luxurious r...

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Home Improvement: Where to Start?

At TigerBath, we see it every day: Families that have a hard time deciding which part of their home to start remodeling first... Whether you’ve lived in the same space for a long time or you just moved into a space that needs some attention, figuring out which part of your home to start working on...

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Bathrooms: How Many Do You Really Need?

Between the sink, the toilet and the shower, it’s easy to see how bathrooms add up to be the most expensive rooms in a home. Given their expense, it used to be standard to have just one full-size bathroom – and, perhaps, a powder room (no shower), as well. In 1987, a scholarly study determined th...

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Reinvigorate Your Bathroom with TigerBath

We see it time and time again at TigerBath: homeowners who arrive in our showroom completely overwhelmed by the sheer concept of remodeling, much less actually doing it. Some homeowners put their remodeling projects off for years – leaving rusty, moldy showers and chipped tubs to get even worse –...

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When is the Right Time for a Walk-in Tub

A professionally installed, custom-built, walk-in bathtub will help you or a loved one live a safer, more independent life. At TigerBath, we’ve been installing walk-in Tubs for years! Our diligent and courteous staff has helped thousands of seniors feel more comfortable in their own homes – and we c...

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